GHA Now Allows Transferring Of Discovery Dollars Between Member Accounts

Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) guest loyalty program Discovery recently refreshed and continues to introduce new features to the program.

GHA Discovery members weren’t previously allowed to transfer Discovery Dollars (D$) between accounts, but this has now been fixed.

You can access GHA Discovery here.

  • GHA Discovery members can transfer D$ between member accounts using the app. You only need the recipient’s GHA Discovery account number and last name.
  • The minimum and maximum amounts of D that can be transferred per transaction are D$10 and D500. Member can do a maximum of two transfers per day.
  • There is no fee for transferring D$ between accounts.

GHA Discovery Points Transfer Update:

6.9 Members can transfer DISCOVERY Dollars to another GHA DISCOVERY Member, subject to the following terms and conditions:
-Transfers must be made using the GHA DISCOVERY app
-There is no fee for making a transfer of DISCOVERY Dollars to another GHA DISCOVERY Member
-The minimum amount that can be transferred in a single transfer is D$10 and the maximum amount is D$500
-A Member can make a maximum of two transfers per day
-Transfers can only be made to another GHA DISCOVERY Member; if the intended recipient is not yet a Member then they will need to enrol in the Programme in order to receive the transfer
-In order to make a transfer, the sending Member will need to enter the recipient’s GHA DISCOVERY membership number and last name into the GHA DISCOVERY app form
-Senders and recipients will only be notified of the transfer if they have email addresses on their GHA DISCOVERY membership profiles, therefore it is recommended that both parties ensure that they have correct email addresses on their profiles before the transfer is made
-The expiry date(s) of transferred D$ will be the same after the transfer has taken place. The soonest expiring D$ in the sender’s account will be automatically selected first for the transfer
-All transfers are final and cannot be reversed


This is a welcomed change to the GHA Discovery program, and I like that there is no fee for transferring D$ between members.

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