Economics of a Vegas High Roller, Casino Robots, 30 Best Mexican Restaurants & “Mario Kart” Slot!

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Cosmo Clone Approved

MtM Vegas – Economics of a Vegas High Roller

On this week’s MtM Vegas we have so much to talk about including a first look into the new Fontainbleau Las Vegas which will open by the end of 2023. Before we dive in don’t forget to subscribe to the Miles to Memories YouTube channel to see every episode plus our Vegas reviews, guides and tours!

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This Week’s MtM Vegas Video

Ever wonder how much it takes to gain elite status, free suites & limo rides? We dive into the numbers shared by one gambler from his experiences over the past 7 years at Cosmo. How much money did he lose over that period of time and how much “free stuff” did he cash in on. Was it worth it?

In other news we discuss TripAdvisor’s very interesting list of the best Mexican restaurants in Las Vegas. You’ll never guess what ended up at #1. We also discuss the new robot security guard at M Resort, why there doesn’t seem to be an off-season in Vegas anymore, how to say Fontainebleau and a new Mario Kart like slot machine.

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