Miami Passengers Showed Up Late For Their Flight. They Wound Up In Jail.

Miami Passengers Showed Up Late For Their Flight. They Wound Up In Jail.

“Florida Man” got his name for a reason. For decades it’s been said that every urban legend happened either in Germany or Florida. There’s some truth, at least, to most of these stories. And they all happen at the Miami International Airport.

While conflict in airports and on planes is down since the federal transportation mask mandate was lifted, we’re still seeing more chaos than we did before the pandemic. This often means physical danger for employees and fellow passengers – and if you spot it, you’re like inside MIA.

New video has surfaced showing Frontier Airlines passengers, who showed up too late to check in for their flight around 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, not take the news lightly that they wouldn’t be traveling. Instead, they “physically assaulted a team member who required medical treatment” according to a report of the incident.

Police responded to the incident, and the woman can be seen taken into custody. One of them screams while on the grond, and the other yells at the officer to get off of her.

Not shown in the video, one of the women apparently threw a sign at a Frontier Airlines check-in staff member which cut her and required medical attention.

Charges from the incident include battery and resisting arrest. The women were released on $500 bond and are expected to return from their home town of Durham, North Carolina to South Florida for a February 23 court date. Do you think they’ll make their flight on time?

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