Overview of Capital One Lounges

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Recently, the credit card issuer Capital One opened the first Capital One Lounge in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It hasn’t been a year since it opened, but it has already wowed travelers with its world-class amenities. 

Let’s go over Capital One Lounges, covering their amenities, locations and more. 

What Are Capital One Airport Lounges?

It’s not uncommon for credit card companies, such as Capital One, to grant cardholders access to their own airport lounges. Airport lounges let travelers get away from the bustle of the terminal gates and wait for their flight comfortably. 

Because these lounges are operated by credit card companies, they’re not open to the public. However, some lounges do allow guests to purchase a one-time pass. Capital One Lounges provide Capital One cardholders with complimentary access. 

Where Are the Capital One Lounges?

In November 2021, Capital One opened the doors to its first-ever lounge in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW). 

So far, Capital One has confirmed that there will be three airport lounges in the United States. However, it won’t be a surprise if Capital One opens more lounges to challenge The Centurion Lounge from American Express. 

Don’t forget to visit one of the Capital One Lounges if you get the chance.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport 

The 10,000-square-feet Capital One Lounge in Dallas opened its doors in November 2021. As of this writing, the Capital One Lounge in DFW is the only one open so far. It’s situated in Terminal D near Gate 22 and is open daily from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Dallas Capital One Lounge boasts a coffee bar, shower suite, cocktail bars, breweries, relaxation rooms and more. 

Denver International Airport – Opening in 2023

Capital One is going to open two more lounges in 2023, one of which will be in Concourse A of the Denver International Airport (DEN). The Capital One Lounge in Denver will reportedly be about 11,200 square feet.

Washington-Dulles International Airport – Opening in 2023

If you’re flying into Washington-Dulles (IAD), you’ll soon find a 9,100-square-foot Capital One Lounge in the main terminal, immediately after the TSA PreCheck area. 

Who Can Enter the Capital One Lounges?

Similar to other airport lounges, you can enter a Capital One Lounge for free as long as you have one of the following Capital One credit cards:

If you hold the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card, you’ll have unlimited access. You’ll also be able to bring up to two guests with you and pay $45 per additional guest (children ages 2 and younger get in for free).

The Capital One Venture Rewards and the Capital One Spark Miles for Business card holders benefit from two complementary visits per year. After that, they can get into the lounge for a reduced fee of $45. The downside is that they won’t have complimentary guest privileges, and their guests cost $45 each. 

To get in, all you need to do is present your valid credit card or the Capital One app at the check-in desk. 

Non-cardholders can purchase an access pass for a flat fee of $65.

Can You Get into the Capital One Lounge With a Priority Pass?

Although the Priority Pass gives you access to more than 1,300 airport lounges, it won’t work with the Capital One Lounges. With that said, Priority Pass holders will have to purchase an access pass for $65 per visit or apply for one of the Capital One credit cards prior to their trip. 

It’s worth noting that while a Priority Pass won’t get you into a Capital One Lounge, the Venture X Rewards Credit Card gets you Priority Pass Select membership. Therefore, when you hold the Venture X Rewards Credit Card, you’ll be able to get into more than 1,300 airport lounges across the globe, as well as Priority Pass restaurants. 

How Long Can You Stay in the Capital One Lounge?

Travelers can gain access to the Capital One Lounge three hours prior to their flight. However, Capital One has stated on its website that travelers can enter the lounge if they’re waiting for a connecting flight. 

This practice is pretty common (you can find a similar policy at The Centurion Lounges) as it’s one way to avoid overcrowding. However, be prepared for the policy to change depending on the number of guests during your visit. Considering that airport lounges need to abide by COVID-19 guidelines, you may be denied entry due to overcrowding.

What Does the Capital One Lounge in Dallas Look Like?

Capital One’s first-ever lounge features various mediums of art from local artists—you’ll feel as if you’re at an art gallery. 

Capital One actually partnered with Tappan Collective, a gallery that promotes emerging artists, to curate art pieces to integrate into its design. There are more than 50 pieces of art, some of which were created solely for the Capital One Lounge in Dallas. 

The DFW lounge was largely inspired by the Dallas-Fort Worth region. With that said, perhaps we can expect the other Capital One Lounges to pay tribute to their respective cities, too. Maybe the Capital One Lounge in Denver will be inspired by the Rocky Mountain region?

What Can You Find in the Capital One Lounges?

It’s not uncommon for airport lounges to look similar, so the up-and-coming Capital One Lounges in Denver and in Washington will undoubtedly be similar to the one in Dallas. Of course, there will be a few differences. However, there won’t be a noticeable variance in the availability of basic amenities, such as Wi-Fi, food and beverages. 

Here’s what to expect when you spend your pre-departure time at one of the Capital One Lounges. 

Grab-and-Go Food Station

Got 10 minutes to go until you board? Get ready-to-eat food from the grab-and-go food station. 

The Capital One Lounge at Dallas-Fort Forth features a wide range of foods, including fresh fruits, sandwiches and grain bowls. These options are prepacked and come in airtight containers so you can grab them and go without making a mess. 

As a bonus, Capital One Lounges offer free branded bags to carry your grab-and-go food. 


If you’ve got time before boarding, grab a seat by the buffet. You’ll be in for a treat of fresh-from-the-kitchen foods. 

The Capital One Lounge cooks meals that take inspiration from the local food culture around the clock. You can also find vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, as well as a wide range of regional wines. Beverages like sparkling water are also available.

Fully-Stocked Bars

Fancy a drink (or two)? The Capital One Lounge features a fully stocked bar, where a bartender fixes up complimentary craft cocktails, beer, etc. Everything on the menu is free. However, you can request the bartender create a unique concoction for a fee. 

Coffee Bar

In dire need of a pick-me-up? The good news is that you’ll find a coffee bar in the lounge. It boasts cold-brew coffee on tap from La Colombe Coffee Roasters. 

La Colombe is also in Washington, so it won’t be a surprise if the Capital One Lounge at Dulles features fresh-brewed coffee and cold-brew coffee from the roaster, too. Of course, you can also find a full-service coffee bar if you’d like your coffee to have more kick. 

Work Areas

If you’re looking to get work done, take a seat at Capital One Lounge’s work areas. These semi-private sections provide plenty of outlets so you can plug in your devices, including your laptops, tablets and phones. 

Capital One doesn’t want you to miss your flight, so it added monitors that display up-to-date flight details around the room. That way, you can always check how many minutes you’ve got before you go to the boarding gate.

Power Nap Pods

Capital One partnered with Metropods to create two rooms containing pods designed for sleeping. 

The pods feature a futuristic, shell-like design that closes for complete darkness and is 100% soundproof. When inside, you can tune in to guided meditations and music or simply get some shut-eye. It will feel so calming that you’ll forget you’re at the airport.

Relaxation Rooms

Each room comes with blankets, sleep masks from Sound Oasis, a fully closable curtain and other comforts. The relaxation room also boasts a starlit ceiling that resembles the night sky. It’s worth noting that you will have to reserve a 20-minute slot at the check-in counter at the Capital One Lounge.  

Cycling and Yoga Room

Don’t forget to stretch before your flight. Break a sweat at the Capital One Lounge cycling and yoga room where you can find workout gear, including yoga mats and Peloton bikes that overlook the runway. 

Shower Suites

After a long day of flying, nothing gets better than being able to freshen up. Fortunately, Capital One allows guests to secure a 45-minute slot for its shower suites. Towels, body wash and shampoo are provided, so you don’t need to bring your toiletry bag with you. 

If you’re concerned about cleanliness, don’t worry—the shower suites get cleaned for 15 minutes between guests. Do note that you need to secure a slot at the check-in counter to use the shower suite.

Multi-Faith Rooms

Multi-faith rooms (commonly called prayer rooms) are uncommon in U.S. airport terminals. Fortunately, if you want to perform a prayer, you can enter one of the multi-faith rooms at the Capital One Lounge. 

The prayer rooms come with foot-washing stations for Muslim guests, as well as signs that point toward Mecca. 

Family-Friendly Areas

Capital One Lounges feature family-friendly rooms with furniture designed for children, along with a nursing room where you can feed your infant in private. 

Are There Any Changes to the Capital One Lounges Due to COVID-19?

Capital One Lounges continue to abide by government guidelines. For that reason, travelers are required to wear a face covering while inside the lounge. Although all amenities, such as yoga rooms, nursing rooms, etc. are available, their use may be limited to a certain number of individuals at a time. In addition, certain amenities need to be reserved at the check-in desk. 

As for dining, the Capital One Lounge will continue to provide premium options. However, food will be available on pre-portioned plates. The main bar will also be open, but seating will be limited to abide by social distancing regulations. 

How to Get a Capital One Credit Card

Like any other credit card, you will need to apply for a Capital One credit card. Please note that one of the critical factors is your credit score, so try to apply for a Capital One credit card if your FICO score is at least 690. Your income and debt may also be considered. 

In addition, Capital One cardholders need to pay an annual fee of $395 for the Capital One Venture Credit Card, $95 for the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card and $95 for the Capital One Spark Miles for Business Card, so be sure to consider all the benefits before you apply. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Capital One Lounges:

Can You Bring Pets into the Capital One Lounge?

Yes, animals (service animals, emotional support animals and pets) are welcome in the Capital One Lounge. However, do note that the rules and regulations regarding pets vary based on local law, so it would be best to inquire at the check-in counter. 

The staff at any of the Capital One Lounges can also request the owner to remove the animal from the lounge at any time should the animal threaten the safety of other guests. 

Can You Enter the Capital One Lounge After Your Flight?

Travelers can enter the Capital One Lounge only if they can present the boarding pass for a flight that’s scheduled to depart in three hours. Arriving flights aren’t eligible for Capital One Lounge access. 

How Many Capital One Lounges Are There?

Capital One has confirmed that there will be three Capital One Lounges across the U.S. The Capital One Lounge in Dallas-Fort Worth is now open, with the other two scheduled to open in 2023. 

Bottom Line

With the Capital One Lounges, cardholders can comfortably wait for their flight and benefit from a wide range of travel-friendly features, such as shower suits, yoga rooms and more. 

Although Capital One Lounges are designed for certain cardholders, the lounge is open to all for a trivial fee. However, if you travel often, a Capital One credit card is a worthwhile investment, as it comes with complimentary access and discounts for companions.

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