LOT Polish Airlines Passenger Urinates In Galley, Gets Lifetime Ban

Goodness, I’m starting to miss the days where airlines issued bans over mask compliance rather than inappropriately taking off your pants and urinating…

Passenger on New York to Warsaw flight pees on exit door

This incident involves LOT Polish Airlines’ flight LO27 on January 26, 2023, from New York (JFK) to Warsaw (WAW), operated by a Boeing 787-8. According to reports, around 90 minutes before landing, a middle-aged man went to the galley, took off his pants and underwear, and urinated on the Dreamliner’s exit door.

The decision was made to continue the flight to Warsaw, as there was no risk to safety, and the passenger became more cooperative after relieving himself. Nonetheless LOT took this incident seriously, and issued the passenger a lifetime flight ban, so he won’t be able to fly with the airline ever again. Interestingly this is allegedly the first lifetime flight ban that LOT has ever issued. Ouch.

Some of the details of this incident have been confirmed directly by a LOT Polish Airlines spokesperson on Twitter.

What’s with the uptick in urine incidents?

Oddly this isn’t even the first airplane urine incident we’ve seen in recent months. Back in November 2022, a man urinated on a woman in Air India business class. This ended up becoming a major global story, leading to the man being fired by Wells Fargo, and being chased by police. Air India actually had a second urine incident less than two weeks later.

And now we’re seeing this…

I can’t wrap my what’s going on in the minds of people who think it’s reasonable to urinate in public on a plane, no matter what state they’re in. Specific to this example, this occurred roughly 90 minutes before landing:

  • Presumably this wasn’t a case of the passenger boarding drunk or on something, as that would have likely worn off by this point in the flight
  • Did the crew serve him too much alcohol, or did he just have a really low tolerance?
  • Is this a function of “my mind isn’t working right, but this seems like a good place to relieve myself?” or is this a case of someone having some sort of public urination kink, and a drink or two making them more likely to act that out?

I just don’t get it…

Bottom line

A LOT Polish Airlines passenger has received a lifetime flight ban with the airline after urinating on the exit door of a Dreamliner on a flight between New York and Warsaw. The incident allegedly occurred around 90 minutes before landing, and it’s anyone’s guess what the traveler’s motivation was for relieving himself in this way…

What do you make of this LOT Polish Airlines urine incident?

(Tip of the hat to Andrzej)

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