Why Business Travel Is Dead, In One Simple Chart [Roundup]

Why Business Travel Is Dead, In One Simple Chart [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Since leisure activity has fully returned, work transit has fallen more than 35%. That means fewer people are commuting to office, work from home at least several days a week is the current norm. Solve for the business travel equilibrium.
  • President Biden’s Plan to End Nuisance Airline and Resort Fees Is Dead on Arrival (Skift)
  • Fully autonomous passenger planes are inching closer to takeoff (HT: @crucker) We’re not there today, and ALPA won’t like it, but we’re not that for off from the second pilot in the cockpit being AI.
  • Very touching story. See the dog owner’s account for dog photos with Members of Congress, country music stars, Mark Cuban and more.

  • Kind of funny. “Must be under 120 lbs. Weight verified at check-out.” (HT: Hans)

    The similar concept, which would make sense and generate incremental revenue for the airline, would be to proactively sell empty middle seats to passengers during the checkout process. You can buy those anyway so why not market the option and sell more seats?

  • Stupid. How has Biden gone to war on fees but not this one?

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