Robinhood Crypto Launches Learn & Earn Program (USDC Added)

Update 2/27/23: There is now an offer for $1 in USDC

Robinhood crypto has launched a new learn and earn program (similar to Coinbase’s learn & earn program). To access this feature you need to Browse → Learn. Currently you can earn $1 in AVAX. Normally I do the Coinbase promos but this requires answering 5 questions for $1, so not sure I’ll actually do it. The questions and answers for AVAX are as follows:

  • What’s Avalanche? A scalable blockchain platform
  • What is AVAX? Avalanche’s native token
  • What are Avalanche’s three blockchains? C-Chain, X-Chain, P-Chain
  • What’s a Subnet? A group of validators
  • What’s being built on Avalanche? Both of these

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