9 Reasons You Want The Hilton Honors Business Card


How many miles will that buy on Singapore Airlines? “Duped”!”

The number of miles is irrelevant. I’m quoting you the money I spent on groceries in my local supermarket to earn points and the cash value I obtained when I redeemed those points.

I’m spending money on groceries (money I’d be spending anyway), thereby earning the points and then redeeming the points.

FWIW I didn’t even use Singapore Airlines miles to make the booking.

My wife and I are travelling business class return to Europe from Australia (the equivalent cash value is over USD17,500) next week on points (no fuel surcharges to worry about on this occasion) we have earned buying groceries over a two-year period.

We have no allegiance to Singapore Airlines whatsoever!

I have never once bought an airfare from Singapore Airlines!

And that’s just the front end of an extensive list of cash value benefit from engagement of various hotel and airline loyalty programs for our RTW trip….;).

“So, you are held hostage, with one airline.”

Not at all, in fact, I’ve never once bought an airfare from Singapore Airlines! Similarly, I am a loyalty program member of various other loyalty programs of airlines I don’t patronise as a paying customer.

I am regularly leveraging opportunities from about 4 hotel loyalty programs and 6-10 airline loyalty programs.

“I travel Internationally extensively. i.e. In August, and early September, I spent 12 days in Chianti Tuscany, Italy, and 6 days in Yerevan, Armenia.”

Great – but utterly irrelevant.

“As I said early on, the ONLY benefactors, are those that offer points (69% redeemed), and frequent travelers, who must be diligent, and monitor every reservation, and grocery shopping.”

And as I said, I don’t earn / acquire the vast majority of my posts by being “loyal” to any hotel or airline loyalty program. Yes, it takes some effort to get the high end returns.

Why is a USD16,500 cash value scoop from my about USD15,000 worth grocery shopping (over a two-year period) anything other than an excellent result?!

“You profess your math skills, if you, or anyone collecting points, deduct 31%, +/-, that are not used, tell me, exactly what your NET/NET equates to? And/or, take the gross points in all programs, and deduct 31%. Now, tell me, “who wins”? Figures lie, and liars figure!”

I don’t waste 31% of my points. She people do, but I don’t. In any case, you are quoting an average figure.

My Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer account is currently at zero points having just redeemed two first class flights from SIN to LHR for next year. Those points came from a credit card

“Sure sounds like trouble in paradise”

Arguably, the greatest problem with hotels and airlines these days are the huge variations in what they charge for their product due to their insane yield management practices.

My only loyalty is to the math!

‘Nuff said.

Enjoy your travels and be safe, fella!



You prove my point (no pun intended), everytime you write. 700 Singapore Airlines points, on an airline you haven’t and will never use. How much cash can you get tomorrow for this tomorrow?

I just realized, thanks to your verbiage, this is “all about you”.

You don’t care about percentages, because it doesn’t fit your narrative. Fully understood. Points and all your programs you enjoy, IS based on EVERYONE in the programs, not just YOU. And YOU ignore documented FACTS!

With your high %, it’s a few like you, who keeps that at 69%. Which means, there are many, who are in the 15-20% and a few lower. ALL the programs you are in, would you believe they are for everyone? As such, worldwide, which includes down under, equal 69%. And THAT is the ONLY important FACT.

No one on planet earth, know your %, and they don’t care. You are a drop of water in the ocean.

Our tete a tete, is regarding the programs, not YOU. I have been crunching numbers, in the hospitality industry for years, vs 0 for you. I intimately FULLY UNDERSTAND, how it’s done. YOU CLEARLY DO NOT!

I am of the belief, that all guests receive the same service, as they did when I entered the industry. Everything was transparent. I guarantee you, all your precious loyalty and points programs, are factored in, the rates you pay. Since you are totally ignorant, how hotels determine rates, you clearly don’t “get it”!

I highly recommend, you take, a hotel accounting class, 101.

I am wondering, how many other Singapore Airlines type points you have accumulated, that are on paper and NEVER will be redeemed. You are a millionaire in paper!

I read recently, where ladies of the night, are giving points. To that end, Johns don’t mind, getting screwed. .

Continued success with your numerous programs. I am anxious to hear, your response to how, when and how much, your 700 Singapore Airlines points will be redeemable for?

I don’t want to continue our exchange. You know everything, and are not teachable. Believe what you wish.

Notwithstanding, we are not being considerate, to Gary’s blog.

Happy Trails.


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