Sponsored: Win The Ultimate Dream Sefer Torah Raffle and Support LeShadech!

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Win The Ultimate Dream Sefer Torah Raffle and Support LeShadech!

Win the ultimate Sefer Torah Plus Hachnosas Sefer Torah! Includes a musical truck, customary torches, grand ballroom and Hi-end catering!

LeShadech is a central and FREE resource for all shadchonim across the board.
Until 4 years ago, there was no concept of extensive networking and events for Shadchonim.

More Shidduchim – Easier & Faster!


  • LeShadech was launched in January 2018 with a gathering of over 350 shadchonim
  • Since then, LeShadech has been helping hundreds of Shadchonim from different organizations and communities
  • In 2019-2020, prior to Covid, we hosted 11 networking events for 798 shadchonim
  • On average – 600-700 shidduchim are reported redt (introductions made) perweek!
  • Since Succos 2020 : 24,992 shidduchim were reported redt
  • Weekly incentives for people to redt Shidduchim
  • Weekly Teleconferences
  • In the last 7 weeks, 7 events were held for 350 shadchonim

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