Singapore Ends Mask Mandate & Border Covid Measures On February 13, 2023

Singapore government decided to take the next steps to end covid emergency measures by removing the mask mandate on public transportation and ending Covid-related measures at the border. Both are effective from Monday (February 13, 2023).

Unvaccinated visitors to Singapore no longer need to have a pre-departure test to enter the city and have insurance. However, there additional changes only affect people living in the city.

Mask Mandate Removal

You have been required to wear a mask when on public transportation in Singapore.

Vaccination Requirement Removed

Unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated visitors no longer need to have a pre-departure test or insurance to enter the city.

The anti-covid measures may be reactivated if new mutations of the virus burden Singapore’s healthcare sector.


I was recently in Singapore, and the only place you were required to wear a mask was when using public transportation, and I am glad this is removed. However, you are obviously allowed to wear a mask if you find it useful.

Entering Singapore is also more accessible from Monday for those not considered fully vaccinated, as no pre-departure test or additional insurance products are required.

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