Which British Airways Planes Have Club Suites?

In mid-2019, British Airways introduced an all-new business class product, which represents a massive improvement compared to the carrier’s previous product. As is often the case when airlines introduce new business class seats, the challenge is actually getting a plane featuring those seats.

While the airline had at the time outlined a rollout schedule for this new product, as you’d expect, the pandemic has delayed things a bit. So in this post I wanted to take a look at the current state of British Airways’ Club Suites rollout.

What are British Airways Club Suites?

Club Suites is the name of British Airways’ new business class product. This cabin consists of reverse herringbone seats with doors — specifically, British Airways selected a modified version or the Collins Aerospace Super Diamond seat. This gives each passenger a fully flat bed, direct aisle access, and a privacy door.

This is an excellent product, among the best business class seats you’ll find out there. Read my review of British Airways Club Suites here.

New British Airways Club Suites business class

While this is objectively a solid business class product, what makes it most exciting is how much of an improvement it is over British Airways’ old Club World business class. British Airways’ previous business class product consisted of seven to eight seats per row (depending on the plane and layout), and was among the tightest business class products out there.

Old British Airways Club World business class

You can always tell if your flight is scheduled to feature Club Suites based on the seatmap. If you’re flying a wide body British Airways jet and the seatmap shows four seats per row in business class, then your flight features Club Suites. Meanwhile if it shows more seats per row than that, then it doesn’t feature the new business class.

Of course keep in mind that last minute aircraft swaps can happen, especially for routes operated by planes that don’t have full product consistency.

Which planes have British Airways Club Suites?

Back in 2019, British Airways announced it planned to complete its Club Suites installation by 2025. At the time the airline shared the below graph about the rollout schedule.

Old British Airways Club Suites rollout schedule

As you’d expect, a lot has changed since then — British Airways retired the 747, the Boeing 777-9 is delayed until at least 2025, etc. So let’s take a look at the current state of British Airways introducing Club Suites.

I should mention that aside from routes operated by planes that exclusively have Club Suites, British Airways doesn’t really guarantee Club Suites on other routes. The exception is London (LHR) to New York (JFK), where the airline does consistently fly 777s with Club Suites.

All Airbus A350-1000s have Club Suites

All British Airways Airbus A350-1000s feature Club Suites. This was the first plane to feature Club Suites, and all planes have been delivered factory fresh with the new cabins. The airline has a total of 18 of these on order — 13 have been delivered so far, and we should see the remaining five join British Airways’ fleet in the next year or so.

All British Airways A350s have Club Suites

All Boeing 787-10s have Club Suites

All British Airways Boeing 787-10s feature Club Suites, as they were all delivered with these cabins. Aside from the A350-1000, this is the only other plane to have 100% consistency when it comes to Club Suites. The airline has a total of 12 of these on order — five have been delivered so far, and you can expect the remaining planes to join the fleet in the next couple of years.

Most Boeing 777-200ERs have Club Suites

This is where it gets a little tricky. British Airways has 43 Boeing 777-200ERs — 28 of those are based at Heathrow Airport, while 15 of those are based at Gatwick Airport. British Airways doesn’t have plans to reconfigure the Gatwick jets anytime soon, since they operate leisure oriented routes.

So far 25 of the 28 Heathrow based 777-200ERs have Club Suites. One plane is currently being reconfigured, so that means only two Heathrow based 777-200ERs are in service with the old cabins. It’s expected that the remaining two jets will be reconfigured in the coming months. So the Heathrow 777-200ERs have a high percentage of Club Suites, while the overall 777-200ER fleet has a lower percentage with Club Suites.

Most British Airways 777-200ERs have Club Suites

Most Boeing 777-300ERs have Club Suites

British Airways has 16 Boeing 777-300ERs, and 10 of those feature Club Suites. It’s expected that the remaining planes will feature the new cabins by some point in 2023.

Club Suites on the British Airways 777-300ER

No Boeing 787-8s have Club Suites

British Airways has 12 Boeing 787-8s, and none of them feature Club Suites. It’s expected that retrofits on these planes will start in late 2023, though it could be 2025 before all planes are reconfigured.

No Boeing 787-9s have Club Suites

British Airways has 18 Boeing 787-9s, and none of them feature Club Suites. It’s expected that retrofits on these planes will start in late 2023, though it could be 2025 before all planes are reconfigured.

No British Airways 787-9s have Club Suites

No Airbus A380s have Club Suites

British Airways parked its Airbus A380 fleet at the start of the pandemic, and only recently brought these planes back to service. These planes won’t be reconfigured with Club Suites, but rather should be retired in the coming years.

What about first class on planes with Club Suites?

This is a question that frequently comes up, so in the interest of being thorough, I figured I’d address it. For planes that have been reconfigured with Club Suites, what happened to the first class seats?

British Airways’ new 777-200ER first class
British Airways’ new 777-300ER first class

Bottom line

British Airways has made good progress with rolling out its Club Suites business class product, though the airline is still quite a ways from offering this product consistently. Currently you’re guaranteed Club Suites on the A350-1000 and 787-10, you’ll most likely get Club Suites on the 777-200ER and 777-300ER, and you won’t get Club Suites on the 787-8, 787-9, and A380. In late 2023, 787-8s and 787-9s should start to get Club Suites.

If you are flying British Airways business class, it’s definitely worth seeking out the new Club Suites product.

What’s your take on British Airways’ Club Suites rollout schedule?

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