Anti-Vaxxer Offers Passengers $100 – $100,000 To Take Off Their Masks Inflight

Anti-Vaxxer Offers Passengers $100 – $100,000 To Take Off Their Masks Inflight

Serial entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, who invented the computer mouse in 1980, has developed a real hatred for mask-wearing. It isn’t just that he doesn’t want to wear one. He doesn’t want anyone else to, either. When he flies, he offers other passengers money to take theirs off.

And he has a lot of money. He founded an internet search company in the 90s that he sold to Disney, and built several other companies including a anti-spam provider. So he thinks nothing of starting out with an offer of $100, and going up from there.

Naturally a passenger who wants to wear a mask now that it’s no longer required values that choice highly, so he doesn’t seem to get a lot of takers at just $100. Instead of letting it go, he ups the offer. He says he’s gone up to $10,000… and then even $100,000.

Maybe he’s full of it, and the $100,000 offer isn’t real. Maybe nobody believes the offer is real. But he complains on social media, thinking it’s absurd that he’d be turned down. To me it’s absurd that he would care if someone wore a mask.

A mask is something you wear voluntarily at this point, and I genuinely don’t know why it offends other people. They’re not being forced to wear one!

At this point a mask should be a choice. We have vaccines and treatments that reduce the risk of Covid-19, plus at a societal level there’s so much background immunity that the virus is not threatening to overwhelm the health care system.

  • It makes sense for an individual to choose to wear a well-fitting, high quality mask. That may be the case as protection against things even other than Covid-19.
  • It makes little sense from a medical standpoint to wear a cloth mask, but even so as a wardrobe accessory that’s their own business.

Would someone who dislikes masks – and isn’t required to wear one themselves – offer another passenger money to take something else off?

The irony of course is that if you’re paying people to take off their mask, they have to first be wearing a mask in order to be eligible. That means the offers may do more to encourage mask-wearing (for the chance at a payout) than to reduce it.

During the pandemic Kirsch started funding tests of already-approved drugs to see what might work against Covid-19. And some of the work was excellent, such as research on fluvoxamine. But he went off the deep end, refusing to accept the results of the scientific research he had funded, for instance promoting hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19.

Then he turned his focus to vaccines, claiming they “kill twice as many people as they save.” He founded anti-vaccine group Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

(HT: Paul H.)

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