Bali’s Governor Bans Tourists From Renting Motorbikes?

Bali’s governor made headlines on Sunday when he announced that tourists would not soon be allowed to rent motorbikes on the island but must rely on travel agencies’ car services.

The governor made several headlines during the pandemic when he suggested that Bali should pivot from tourism to concentrate on agriculture. The island also tried to restart its tourism using various schemes that needed visitors to apply for business visas (which never worked). Tourism didn’t restart before various entry restrictions were removed.

Here is What Indonesia Post Reported:

Governor Bali Wayan Koster will prohibit foreign tourists (tourists) or foreign tourists from renting motorcycle. The ban will be legalized in the form of a Regional Regulation (Perda).

“So the tourists have to travel, travel, use cars from travel. It is no longer allowed to use motorbikes or anything that is not from a travel agent,” he added.

“So borrowing or renting (motorbikes) is no longer allowed. This will be implemented starting in 2023, after the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

“Regarding economic crimes, including those we prohibit from doing this type of business. Moreover, the visa is not for work but a visa for tourism, it is not permissible to carry out business activities in the province of Bali,” said Koster.

“Renting a car, renting a villa of all kinds, that’s happening a lot now. But we are currently identifying it with a joint operation to ensure the violations were committed,” said Koster.

Some other Indonesian publications report that not all motorbike rentals would be illegal, but only those not rented from travel agents. From Detik Travel:

Denpasar -The Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, announced that foreign tourists are prohibited from renting motorbikes in Bali. The rules apply from this year.

“So, tourists have to travel, travel using cars from travel agents. It is no longer allowed to use motorbikes that are not from travel agents,” said Koster during a press conference at the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Bali, Sunday (12/3/2023 )

Indonesia last year passed a law that bans premarital sex punishable by up to one year of jail:

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It is not always pleasant to arrive in Bali as the immigration is not properly staffed:

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Bali’s governor is essentially pandering to his constituencies, but what the economic situation would be without international visitors? Sending these mixed signals doesn’t help to attract more visitors from outside of Indonesia.

I don’t quite understand this motorbike situation. Aren’t the motorbikes rented in Bali provided by the locals, whether through travel agencies or other businesses?

I have no issues enforcing licensing and insurance requirements of these renters that some agencies may currently overlook.

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