Governor Ron DeSantis Will Revoke Hyatt Regency Miami’s Alcohol License

Governor Ron DeSantis Will Revoke Hyatt Regency Miami’s Alcohol License

Governor Ron DeSantis and his administration says they will revoke the alcohol license of the Hyatt Regency Miami over a “‘sexually explicit’ show with children” held on the premises.

“A Drag Queen Christmas” performed Dec. 27 at the James L. Knight Center, which is reportedly connected to the Hyatt Regency Miami.

The administrative complaint said minors younger than 16 years of age were at the show where “performers appeared on stage wearing sexually suggestive clothing and prosthetic female genitalia.”

The show allowed minors if they were accompanied by an adult.

Here’s video from a similar show around the same time elsewhere in the state:

Apparently the state warned the hotel on the day of the event over hosting “a sexually explicit show with children present.” The show features “Screwdolph the Red-Nippled Reindeer.”

Governor DeSantis’s press secretary said,

Sexually explicit content is not appropriate to display to children and doing so violates Florida law. Governor DeSantis stands up for the innocence of children in the classroom and throughout Florida.

To me, the hotel lacks a club lounge and considers a large room without a wall between bedroom and living area to be a standard suite, so I’m not a fan on that level. However if I’m stuck at the Hyatts around Miami I probably do need a drink. More broadly, the loss of an alcohol license in Miami is… brutal.

As for Governor DeSantis, it’s politically shrewd because few voters who would ever support him will back children at the sort of shows he’s condemning. He’s likely getting more media savvy as well, having lost the framing of ‘Don’t Say Gay’ when he should have positioned it as “wait until eight.”

The State of Florida, though, only alleges that there were children “under 16” present – and children were required to be accompanied by adults. So it appears that the state here isn’t protecting families from sexualized content, they’re taking away freedom from parents to make choices for their families.

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