Passenger Gets Tased By Cops After Drinking ‘About’ 3 Margaritas At The Airport

Passenger Gets Tased By Cops After Drinking ‘About’ 3 Margaritas At The Airport

A new video of a man being tased in the airport after resisting arrest following questions about his drinking is going viral – first on TikTok and then on Reddit.

The passenger reports to police that he’s had “about” three margaritas. When someone answers that question with an estimate you can multiply by at least two.

The man, despite his state, makes an a point to the officers: why is it a problem to drink 3 margaritas when there’s a bar at the airport? I’d add that if the man committed a crime, surely it’s admitting to paying $2,000 for what is probably a domestic flight.

He resists arrest, and gets tased. But what’s priceless is the older male passenger in a mask approaching, trying to intervene? It’s not clear whether he wants to comfort the passenger, or help the officers hold him down while the cops wrestled the allegedly drunk man to the ground. A third cop shouts at older gentleman to “get away!”

A bit of a warning, the language in this video is very much NSFW – indeed, it’s even not safe for work-from-home:

Drunk guy gets tased at airport
by u/usernamefred in PublicFreakout

The video does raise an existential question: why do airports sell cocktails to passengers, if they don’t want passengers to drink?

The answer of course is two-fold: you don’t actually have to drink to excess just because you drink, and alcohol is profitable. Most airport decisions can be understood as maximizing revenue for someone.

And while American Airlines lobbied for an end to the availability of alcohol ‘to go’ in airports during the pandemic, and flight attendants union head Sara Nelson advocated the end of alcohol on planes, airports are getting a cut of retail sales and frequently so too are the airlines. (United’s flight attendants, represented by Ms. Nelson, are currently seeking a contract where they’d get a commission of inflight sales – including alcohol.)

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