Got an Alaska Airlines Visa Business Card? Check Your Mileage!

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Alaska Airlines Visa Business

Alaska Airlines Visa Business Card

You may remember Alaska Airlines getting a lot of flak a couple months ago, primarily due to the devaluation of their currency to book award tickets on Japan Airlines.  I don’t doubt this has been disappointing news for many; meanwhile, it’s quite impertinent to me.  Unphased, I picked up an Alaska Airlines Visa Business card in early April to add 70k more Alaska miles to my hoard.  I moved on to other endeavors since, not keeping a close eye on my Alaska balance.  Until recently.   Here’s why Alaska Airlines Visa Business cardholders should check their Mileage Plan accounts now and how to resolve similar discrepancies.

An Unsettling Discovery

A few weeks ago, my Alaska Airlines Visa Business card statement arrived, and it clearly stated miles earned in the past cycle.  But late last week, I logged into my Mileage Plan account, and these miles weren’t in my mileage balance or account history.  Confused, I looked back at the Bank of America statement and noticed something odd.  At the bottom of the second page was an unfamiliar Alaska Mileage Plan member number.

Alaska Airlines Visa Business

I checked my Alaska account again.  Indeed, the number at the bottom of my Bank of America statement was different from my original, accurate Mileage Plan number.  I was confident I included my existing Mileage Plan number when I applied for the card.  Still, it seems I was somehow assigned a new one in the process.


The next day, I jumped on chat and received a seven minute hold time.  About 18 minutes later, a helpful Mileage Plan agent responded.  I explained the situation, and she asked for some personal details, including both member numbers, my home address, and date of birth.  A few minutes later, she advised that the miles in the new account had been redirected to my original account, and all future miles would accurately track.  She mentioned it could take up to five days to see the updates reflected online.  Two days later, I noticed my mileage balance had accurately updated.

Alaska Airlines Visa Business


It turns out this has happened to other people.  Weird.  I still don’t know why.  But since I was able to resolve it efficiently enough, I’ve shrugged and moved on.  Regardless, a pretty easy 70k bonus was definitely worth this minor inconvenience.  Warning – if you hold an Alaska Airlines Visa Business card, you may be missing miles!  Check your balance and take action, if necessary.

Has this happened to you?  How did you resolve it?

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