Airline Passenger Paints Her Toenails, Seatmates Fume She Applies A Top Coat

Airline Passenger Paints Her Toenails, Seatmates Fume She Applies A Top Coat

Before airline deregulation, airline tickets were so expensive that most people couldn’t afford to fly. Now anyone who can buy a ticket is allowed on buses in the sky. There’s no decency requirement, and there shouldn’t be, but that doesn’t mean whatever y’all are doing up there as passengers is ok.

Among the worst things you do on a plane – that doesn’t include touching another passenger – are draping your hair over someone else’s seat back, covering their entertainment screen, and sticking your bare feet in the air or on someone else’s tray table.

But maybe the absolute worst is bare feet, clipping toenails at your seat during the flight. And instead of collecting the clippings, you just flick them off, and one lands on your seat opponent?

It can’t be too far off of that to sit at your seat painting your toe nails, right? Personal grooming of any kind at your seat, surrounded by hundreds of people in close proximity, is just wrong isn’t it?

This woman painting her nails on a 3 hour plane journey.
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The woman isn’t just painting her nails, she’s sending the waft of nail polish into the cabin. And she’s sitting there for three hours drying them. Four passengers complained on the flight to a crewmember, but the woman didn’t stop. Instead she proceeded to “do[..] the top coat.”

Oddly some commenters spoke up in defense of the woman with newly-found prettied-up toenails, suggesting that this shouldn’t bother anyone and that the smell of nail polish smells pretty good actually. But that a few people might not mind it doesn’t mean it’s ok for the rest of the cabin to be subjected to it.

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