Marriott Teams Up With Rappi

Marriott has announced a new partnership with Rappi, a company you are likely unaware of unless you have been traveling in Latin America.

Rappi is essentially an app that delivers restaurant and other purchases, just like Uber Eats and other similar services do. Marriott promises that Bonvoy members can earn points for Rappi purchases, and apparently, there are some Marriott benefits or discounts for Rappi Prime members.

You can access Marriott here.

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Marriott’s Announcement:

Marriott International Signs Industry-First Strategic Collaboration with Rappi, Inc. in Latin America

Companies join forces to offer more choice for members

Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR) announced today that it has signed an industry-first agreement with Rappi, Inc., the multilatina technology company. The collaboration aims to increase everyday earning opportunities and offer an elevated travel experience for both Marriott Bonvoy members and Rappi users.

Marriott Bonvoy members will soon be able to link their Rappi and Marriott Bonvoy accounts, which will result in exclusive benefits, like earning Bonvoy Points for qualifying Rappi purchases while offering additional benefits to Rappi Prime users. This unique arrangement marks the first time that a global hotel company has entered into a strategic collaboration with a Latin American technology company, showcasing Marriott International’s continued commitment to innovative and tech-forward collaborations that meet the evolving needs of its guests.

“As the largest hotel company in the Caribbean and Latin America, we continue to be committed to enhancing the travel experience of our Marriott Bonvoy members, from booking to check-out, ensuring we are meeting our guests where they are. Working with one of the most innovative startups will allow us to keep our promise of providing more everyday earning opportunities for members and introduce us to Rappi users who may still be unfamiliar with our award-winning travel program,” said Diana Plazas-Trowbridge, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Marriott International in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Marriott Bonvoy, Marriott International’s award-winning travel program and marketplace, currently has over 5.8 million users in the Caribbean and Latin America. The collaboration with Rappi will enable Marriott International to offer its services to Rappi’s more than 30 million users across nine countries in Latin America, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay.

“With this strategic partnership with Marriott Bonvoy we continue to strengthen our position as a leading multi-vertical technology company in Latin America, ensuring the best offer and experience when booking travel through Rappi, and continuing to make our Prime subscription the highest value program in Latin America,” said Guido Becher, Global Head of Rappi Travel.

Rappi, which has quickly become one of the most popular and trusted technology companies in Latin America, is a leader in digital services that offers innovative solutions to unmet needs, as it manages to connect users, commerce and courier in a strong digital ecosystem. Among its verticals, Rappi offers restaurant, grocery & pharmacy delivery, courier, , ecommerce and travel, and a Prime subscription service offering free delivery and numerous other benefits. Rappi is headquartered in Bogota, Colombia, and currently services over 350 cities in 9 Latin American countries.

More information on how to link accounts and benefit details will be shared in the coming months.


I have used Rappi several times in Colombia and Brazil, although the latter has several local restaurant delivery services available.

The partnership is likely designed after what they have with Uber, and you earn Bonvoy points for select Rappi deliveries and perhaps bonuses if you happen to stay at a Marriot property.

What benefits Rappi Prime members can expect from this partnership remains to be seen. I was temporarily their Prime member in Colombia for a few weeks because it included no-fee restaurant deliveries.

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